Apple Pie :                                               

Ingredients:                                              For Filling :

125 gr unsalted butter                               4 medium apple (peeled and shredded)                                      
         (softened)                                      5 tb. spoon sugar
100 ml oil (less than 1/2 cup)                     1  t.spoon ground cinnamon     
​100 ml yoghurt                                       60 gr  wallnut (1\2 cup)  
    1 egg                                                
165  gr sugar (3\4 cup)
120  gr starch (3\4 cup+1 tsp)
360 gr flour (2 1\2  cup.)
    1  teaspoon baking powder (5 gr.)

Put the shredded apples in a frying pan. Sprinkle the sugar and cook them all for 5 min. Then add the cinnamon. and the chopped wallnut. Turn off the heat.  

2.  Mix all the ingredients except the flour. Add the flour slowly. Knead well.

3. Turn on the oven and set the heat 170°.

4. I use my regular oven tray (dimensions: 42x30x2 cm). Cut out two baking sheets a little larger than the tray. Split the dough in half. Roll the first half in between two baking sheets. You can fold the baking sheet as a pouch and roll the dough evenly icluding the corners and the sides in this pouch. The thickness should be less than 5mm (0.2 inch). Lay the dough on your tray along with the lower baking sheet.

​5. Spread the apple filling onto the dough. 

6. Roll the other half of the dough. With a cookie cutter cut out some shapes and place them onto the apple filling. I use each and every piece by leaving enough space in between.

7. Bake your pie for 10-15 min. until there is a slight change in color if you like it soft.

8. After taking out from the oven sprinkle some confectioners sugar.

After a long search and lots of try I finally found this soft apple pie recipe with strach on
 Orkide'nin Mutfağı. Many thanks, it is right the way I like.