24-26 pieces

​Ingredients:                                     Baking Paper & Tray

315 gr flour                                     200 gr unsalted butter (softened) 

  4  gr (half a teaspoon)salt              300 gr granulated sugar 

  5 gr  (3/4 teaspoon)baking soda          1       big egg

  4 gr  (teaspoon) baking powder          1       egg yolk

275gr  bitter chocolate (70% cocoa)      20 gr  grape\maple syrup (1 table spoon)

1.  Mix the flour, salt, baking soda, baking powder in a bowl.

2. Break the 75 gr. chocolate into big chunks and leave them aside for later. Chopped the rest of the chocolate (200 gr).

3. Beat the softened butter with the mixer in medium-high speed for 2 min. Add the sugar and beat 3 more min.

4. Add the egg,egg yolk and the syrup beat 2 min.

5. Add the half of the flour and mix the batter slowly. Then add the rest of the flour and 200 chopped chocolate. Mix them nicely.

​6. If you prefer more crispier cookies wrap the bowl with cling film and refrigerate for 4 or 36 hours. If not you can start baking them. Preheat the oven 350° Fahrenneit (180°C)before you start scooping.

7. Take about 2 table spoons of batter with an ice cream scoop and place them on tray (with baking paper). Leave at least 3inces (5cm) between each cookie. Then set chunks of broken chocolate onto each cookie by pushing gently.

​8. Place the tray in the middle rack and bake them for 14 min. or until light golden brown. Cool on a rack 15 min. Enjoy some while they are still warm and store the rest in a tin box.  

This recipe belongs to famous award winning blogger and cookbook authorCenk Sönmezsoy . Thank you so much for this lovely recipe. It is a real life saver especially when there is no brown sugar at home.